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Quick Reference Oxygen Absorber Chart:

Here is a handy “Quick Reference Oxygen Absorber Chart” that indicates the MINIMUM size of Oxygen Absorber(s) that you should use for various different kinds of dry food types that are placed inside a sealed MylarPro Bag. Oxygen Absorbers are rated by the number of cc’s (Cubic Centimeters) of Oxygen that they will absorb and this chart will show you the corresponding number of cc’s of Oxygen that needs to be removed from the four most common sized containers.  There are no adverse effects to using an absorber larger than required.


* Typical Dry
Food Items

1 Quart
(8 x 8 Inch Bag)

#10 Can /
.82 Gal.
(10 x 16
Inch Bag)

5 Gallon Bucket
(20 x 30 Inch Bag)

6 Gallon Bucket
(20 x 30 Inch Bag)

Flour / Powders

50 cc’s

100 cc’s

350 cc’s

400 cc’s

** Sugar

50 cc’s

100 cc’s

500 cc’s

600 cc’s

Grains like Wheat

50 cc’s

150 cc’s

900 cc’s

1100 cc’s

Typical Beans

100 cc’s

200 cc’s

1100 cc’s

1300 cc’s

Pastas like Spaghetti

100 cc’s

250 cc’s

1300 cc’s

1500 cc’s

Elbow Macaroni

100 cc’s

350 cc’s

2000 cc’s

2300 cc’s

* This Quick Reference Oxygen Absorber Chart shown above assumes that you have vacuumed or forced out most of the excess air inside the MylarPro Bag and that the bag fits fairly snug against the food items. However, if you were to instead seal the bag leaving it loose and not forcing out the air, then you would perhaps want to use an even higher “cc” rated absorber to compensate for that excess air. All numbers listed herein are approximated. The above numbers are for the minimum recommended size of oxygen absorbers. Feel free to use an even larger sized absorber to ensure continued freshness for longer storage times. 

** NOTE: unlike most foods, white refined sugar crystals are hardly impacted by oxygen.  In so far as sugar will have nearly the same shelf life regardless of the presence or absence of oxygen. Yet, some people still chose to use Oxygen Absorbers inside their Mylar Pro Bag so that insects will not be able to survive inside to feast upon the sugar.  However, please note that the O2 Absorber may cause the sugar to harden and clump together like a brick.  At which point you would need to then smash or break apart the clump to get it back to being in the granule form.



Download as a PDF (Click here to view or download this Oxygen Absorber Chart as a PDF)



But HOW do I calculate it myself?

Are you curious as to where we came up with these numbers shown in the chart above? Then click on this link to see the basic math and science behind the Oxygen Absorber Chart at: "How to determine how many Oxygen Absorbers are needed for a sealed MylarPro Bag"


How many Oxygen Absorbers do you need?


How to Seal a Mylar Bag


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