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What is Mylar anyway?


Mylar® is trademarked name from DuPont and it is essentially a form of polyester resin used to make super durable and heat-resistant plastic films and sheets. More specifically, Mylar® is made of BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate). BoPET is basically a polyester film made from stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). The reason why we use it in every MylarPRO bag is due to its exceptionally high tensile strength, its great chemical and dimensional stability, and for its extraordinary gas and aroma barrier properties.

Since our Mylar PRO bags are used by so many people for long term food storage, we have specially engineered our bag to have a thin layer of aluminum foil to virtually block out most any light (including much of the infrared spectrum) from harming your valuable contents sealed inside.


What is an oxygen absorber?


Essentially an oxygen absorber is an encapsulated packet of a mixture of iron powder, sodium chloride, and unique catalysts that will chemically react to any oxygen and moisture in its proximity. Essentially it will scavenge and suck in the oxygen molecules and bind it to the iron powder inside to form Iron Oxide, which is commonly known as rust. Since the oxygen absorber is surrounded by protective packaging which allows air to freely flow through it while simultaneously preventing any of the ingredients to exit it, they are FDA approved for direct content with food.

Since oxygen is one of the top culprits of making food go bad and perish, many people wisely place an oxygen absorbing packet inside the Mylar pro bag before heat sealing it. Since our OxyFree Oxygen Absorbers are fast acting, you will actually see the sealed Mylar plastic bag shrink in size within about 48 hours after heat sealing it. It will look as if something has vacuumed out the air inside the bag.

Since many people use 5 gallon buckets to store their food long term, and since the plastic walls the buckets are still porous to air over time, they will place our 5 gallon mylar bags inside as a pail liner to further protect their food from oxygen and any harmful gasses.

If you are on a budget, you can quickly heat seal a mylar bag with using a common household clothes iron. But if you want a more professional seal, check out our top of the line mylar bag sealers.


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