Thank you for expressing an interest in Mylar Pro! was founded to provide a customer service oriented online outlet for people to be able to get all of their long term food storage needs in one convenient and safe location.

Mylar Pro only uses the highest quality of FDA approved and super high food grade storage items.

For your added financial security, Mylar Pro ONLY uses the Multi-Billion Dollar Credit Card Processing Firm PayPal for all of Mylar Pro’s credit card processing, which ensures that your sensitive credit card information is being handled over the securest of sites.

When you purchase through us the ENTIRE transaction is handled on our secured site and through PayPal’s secure servers. In other words, this will completely protect you because even though we instantly receive the money, we will NEVER see any of your actual credit card information. Rather, it will all be handled through PayPal instead. If you are unfamiliar with PayPal, you will be pleased to note that PayPal, a wholly owned subsidiary of eBay, manages over 232 Million accounts and actually processed over 81 Billion Dollars in 2009 alone.