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Thank you for your interest in Mylar Pro. You can either E-Mail us directly at this link or
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Or feel free to contact us at (602) 535-0007

*** But please understand that the above Form or E-Mail is ALWAYS the FASTEST way to reach us.

Though it may take days to repond to any voice mails, we promptly respond to ALL E-Mails and Form Submissions (usually in the matter or minutes or hours).

Likewise, if you have any issue with any order, or if you need a custom order, we really need to have it in writing so that there is a paper trail of all orders. For that same reason, we can NOT quote prices over the phone, they need to be submitted via the Form or E-Mail. If you are contacting us regarding any past orders, please provide us with the order number along with the name and date your order was placed under so that we can quickly locate it for you. Our direct email address is