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TWENTY (20) 1 Quart 8×10 Inch Mylar Pro Extreme Zip Lock Bags.

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One Quart Extreme 5.25 Mil Zip Lock Mylar Bags:

TWENTY (20) 1 Quart 8×10 Inch Mylar Pro Extreme Zip Lock Bags.

These super strong and high quality EXTREME Mylar PRO brand bags are BPA Free and FDA approved for direct food contact. These Mylar PRO Bags are at least 5.25 Mil thick and are made from an exclusive and proprietary blend of specially engineered layers for a super high tensile strength and burst threshold which will give your food storage the utmost protection and longevity.

Extreme 5.25 Mil Zip Lock Mylar Pro Bags:

These durable 8 x 10 inch Mylar Pro EXTREME Zip-Lock Foil Barrier Bags are our 1 QUART sized bag. These are quite simply THE VERY BEST MYLAR BAG ON THE MARKET. Not only do they come with 5.25 Mils of the Exclusive Mylar PRO material, but they also have an ultra convenient Zip Lock feature built right into the bag.

In other words, you can heat seal the top of the bag just like you would heat seal our other Mylar PRO line of bags for Long Term Storage, BUT… when you are ready to open them up to use the food later on, you will be able to conveniently zip lock seal the remaining contents so that it will continue to stay fresh even longer.

These zip lock Mylar PRO Bags can also be used for just short term use too. With this method, you can avoid heat sealing them and just simply Zip Lock Seal them instead and it it will keep your short term food fresher longer. (NOTE: the zip lock method won’t keep a true vacuum seal for very long, because since the Oxygen molecules are so tiny, they will still be able to gradually permeate the manual zip lock seal. Hence, this is more a short term solution. Therefore, if you are looking for a “Long Term” solution, you will want to heat seal them for that.)

NOTE: When heat sealing, just seal the top 1/2 inch of the bag (making sure you do not get too close to the zip lock part). This way, you will then be able to re-use these bags several times, by just trimming off the top heat sealed portion of the bag with scissors each time.

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