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This popular discounted package is specially designed to give you FREEDOM to store smaller portions of food at a time, which would allow you to gradually tap into your food storage. These smaller Quart sized bags will also allow you to “mix and match” by simultaneously storing different types of food inside a larger container. This package includes FIFTY (50) of the 8X8 Inch 4.3 Mil Mylar Pro Bags PLUS a vacuum sealed package of FIFTY high efficient 100CC Oxygen Absorbers to keep your food optimally fresh much longer.

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FIFTY QUART sized Mylar PRO Bags: These durable 8×8 inch 4.3 Mil Mylar Pro Bags are our 1 Quart sized bag. These are a great solution for storing smaller portions of your food to allow you to gradually rotate through your food storage supply.

A Mylar Pro Brand Bag PROTECTS Your Long Term Food Storage:

  • Mylar Pro Bags are engineered with four different and specially designed layers of material, including a thick aluminum foil outer lining which virtually blocks out all light from reaching and destroying the nutrition of your stored food.
  • Mylar Pro Bags are an innovative way to virtually prevent any Oxygen from the outside from entering inside and oxidizing or spoiling your long term food storage.
  • Mylar Pro Bags’ exceptional water and air tight barrier keeps the freshness and original taste, smell, and color of your stored food items.
  • Since plastic buckets are NOT air tight (not even buckets with gaskets are air tight because the plastic itself is porous to gasses like Oxygen), the Mylar Pro Bag will act as a fantastic pail liner to create the perfect air and moisture barrier to dramatically increase your stored food’s shelf life.
  • Mylar Pro Bags are an excellent way to keeps out pests and insects from eating or ruining your stored food items.
  • Mylar Pro Brand Bags are specially engineered to have a super high tensile strength with an incredibly high puncture resistance level to ensure that you Long Term Food Storage will be as safe and sound as the day you first stored it away.

FIFTY 100cc Oxy-Free Oxygen Absorbers

The very best and most preferred method for storing food items like grains, rice, beans or other relatively dry or dehydrated foods for the long term is inside a Mylar PRO Bag with an Oxygen Absorber heat sealed inside. Due to the excellent air and moisture barrier properties of the Mylar PRO Bag, you can easily obtain a 30+ year shelf life for many of your long term food storage items.

You can also use these Oxygen Absorbers inside Glass Canning Jars or inside #10 Cans. And some people are even creatively using them inside such things as used and cleaned out plastic 2 liter bottles. Regardless of the container you are using, explore this page to see the incredible benefits of using our top of the line Oxygen Absorbers.

100cc Oxy Free Oxygen Absorbers:

Our highly efficient 100cc Oxygen Absorbers are all FDA approved for direct contact with your food. Unlike many no name brand of Oxygen Absorbers found on the web, we only sell the highly respected, OxyFree ™ Brand, which are of superior quality and have sold nearly One Hundred Million of Oxygen Absorbers to the USA market to date.

We literally sell TENS OF THOUSANDS of our Mylar Pro Bags and Oxygen Absorbers every month, so you know that all of our Oxygen Absorbers will be FRESH!!!

This offering includes a vacuum sealed package of FIFTY guaranteed fresh 100cc Oxygen Absorbers. For your added protection, these absorbers come with the patented Oxy-EYE Freshness Indicator sealed inside so that you KNOW that they are FRESH!!!

An Oxygen Absorber PROTECTS Your Long Term Food Storage:

  • Lowers Oxygen Levels inside your sealed Mylar Pro Bag to to less than 0.01%
  • Keeps the freshness and original taste, smell, and color of your stored food items
  • PREVENTS your food from becoming stale, rancid, or spoiled
  • PREVENTS the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, aerobic pathogens, spoilage organisms, and anaerobic microorganisms.
  • Dramatically EXTENDS your Product’s SHELF LIFE
  • Emits NO harmful gases or bi-products
  • Are FDA approved for food and related products
  • Eliminates the need for unhealthy preservatives such as Sorbates, Benzoates, BHA, BHT, Sulfur Dioxides, and etc.
  • Works well with vacuum packaging or gas flushing to even further absorb any oxygen already sealed inside or that may eventually permeate the package
  • Helps keep the nutritional qualities of polyunsaturated oils and fats
  • Prevents the oxidation of your food’s A, C, and E Vitamins
  • Works well with dry or semi-moist foods
  • Great for Grains, Legumes, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Dried Meats, Jerky, Milk Powder, Baking Mixes, Flours, Sugar, Spices, Seasonings, Herbs, Coffee, Tea, Candies, Confectionaries, Snacks, Breads, Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Pasta, Pharmaceuticals, Vitamins, Supplements, Bird Seed, Pet Foods, and MANY Other Items
  • Great for storage of Tools, Artwork, Medical Diagnostic Kits and Devices, and etc.
  • VERY Safe, Non-Toxic & SUPER EASY TO USE

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